Npcap OEM

Is your organization looking to do more with Npcap? Npcap OEM licenses give you more installs, redistribution rights, commercial support, and pro-level features like silent installation.

More Installs

The Npcap free license only allows five installs (with a few exceptions). For sites that need more, Npcap OEM Internal-use licenses are an affordable way to scale up, with options ranging from 100 seats to perpetual unlimited installs. For software publishers looking to use Npcap in their products, Npcap OEM Redistribution licenses grant you unlimited installs of Npcap OEM with your product.

Redistribution rights

Does your product need fast, reliable packet capture on Windows? A Npcap OEM Redistribution license will allow you to package Npcap with your application and silently install it without a limit on the number of installs.

Responsive technical support

Integrating a new component into your product or network can be challenging. Npcap OEM maintenance plans provide you with ongoing support to ensure any issues you encounter are addressed promptly and all your technical questions are answered. Maintenance plans are available with both Internal-use and Redistribution licenses.

Professional features

While any software that uses the libpcap API can work with the free/demo version of Npcap, only Npcap OEM provides a silent installer for hands-off installation. This is perfect for unattended installations across the network or for running from your product's installer.