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Npcap OEM Edition—Internal-use License

Npcap is the Nmap Project's packet capture (and transmission) library for Windows. While Npcap has many end users who simply use the free/demo version, we fund the Npcap project by selling the enhanced Npcap OEM Edition. This special version includes enterprise features such as the silent installer and commercial support as well as special license rights allowing customers to bypass the 5-system usage cap of the Npcap free edition. It includes commercial support and update options, and provides the extra Npcap OEM features such as the silent installer for enterprise-wide deployment. Key features include:

  • Greater usage rights—While the free version of Npcap may only be installed on 5 systems in an organization (plus unlimited Wireshark/Nmap usage), Npcap OEM licenses range from 100 seats to perpetual unlimited installs.
  • Silent installer—Npcap OEM includes a silent installation option (/S), including customization using command-line arguments to ease deployment across a company or devision. The free/demo Npcap does not include a silent installer.
  • Commercial support—Npcap OEM maintenance plans include commercial support to ensure any bugs you find are fixed promptly and all your technical questions answered. The free/demo Npcap only has free community support available.
  • Regular updates—Npcap OEM maintenance plans also include update rights so you always have access to the latest releases. We are constantly releasing updates with performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features you can learn about on our changelog.
  • Continuity—Npcap OEM customers have a license agreement guaranteeing the availability and terms for their Npcap OEM usage, while the terms and restrictions for the Npcap free license change from time to time. Licensing revenue also funds continued Npcap development and improvements to prevent the product from being bandoned like WinPcap was.
  • OEM branding—Npcap OEM reports itself as such (if users happen to see it on the add/remove Software screen or similar), so users know they have an officially licensed version of Npcap.

This page describes the Npcap OEM internal-use license for companies and other organizations that wish to use Npcap themselves, but won't be redistributing Npcap outside of their organization. Companies which wish to redistribute Npcap OEM (such as within their products) should visit the Nmap OEM redistribution license page instead.

Npcap OEM releases are always made in conjunction with Npcap free/demo releases and the version numbers are the same. Since Npcap OEM is almost identical to the free/demo Npcap, more product details are available from the Npcap public pages and we won't try to reproduce all of that here.

Internal-use License Prices & Terms

We offer Npcap OEM as a perpetual license to the current version, with the option to purchase maintenance (updates and support) for 1 or more years. Maintenance is optional, but highly recommended because it extends the perpetual license to include all new versions released during the maintenance period. And Npcap is under very active development. We made 13 releases in 2020, with dozens of feature enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements described here. Maintenance also includes commercial support whenever you need it. And the maintenance price never increases as long as you don't let it lapse for more than 120 days. The license also includes priority with bug fixes and feature requests as well as funding continued development and improvements in Npcap.

Our enterprise unlimited Npcap OEM internal license allows you to install and run as many copies of Npcap OEM within your organization as you would like. It is a perpetual license for a one-time cost of US$11,900. Optional (but recommended) maintenance costs $2,980 per year. Or you can prepay five years of maintenance for $11,920 (a 20% discount) and have updates and support covered for 5 years. That way you don't need to expend effort on renewals each year or worry that someone might forget to do it. You can use Npcap for your own internal software and/or for Wireshark or any other software. The maintenance fee on all of our licenses is guaranteed in the agreement to never increase as long as you pay it every year.

We also offer a 500-install perpetual Npcap OEM license for $6,900. Optional (but recommended) maintenance costs $1,700 per year. Or you can prepay five years for $6,800 (a 20% discount) and not have to worry about it again for 5 years. An install would be on an individual computer or virtual machine or docker container or cloud server or similar.

Finally we offer the 100-install Npcap OEM micro license for just US$2,900. Recommended (but optional) maintenance on this one is $800/year, or $3,200 for five years with the 20% prepaid discount.

Please note that Npcap OEM does not include any license management or DRM components. Those can be risky if they go wrong, so we rely on companies to track their own install numbers (or just buy the enterprise unlimited license). The rights Npcap OEM redistribution license customers enjoy are spelled out in the sample license certificate. This includes support, indemnification, warranty, updates, etc. A filled out version containing software download credentials is provided for each purchase.

Purchase Process (Internal-use License)

While we hope to offer a fully automated instant purchase and software delivery process in the future, our current approach is email based. To buy an Nmap OEM Internal-use license, send a message to with the following information:

  1. Your company/organization name, if it isn't obvious from your email address or email signature. We would need the end user organization name if you are a reseller.
  2. Which license you want. This would be either the Npcap internal-use enterprise unlimited license, the Npcap internal-use 500-install license, or the Npcap internal-use 100-install micro license.
  3. Do you want 5 years of updates and support (with the 20% prepayment discount), 1 year of maintenance (with possible renewals later), or no maintenance at all?
  4. Would you like an invoice that you can pay directly (using credit card, wire transfer, check, direct deposit, etc.) or a quote which you can use internally within your company to generate a purchase order for us to invoice against?

Once we receive your request, we will send a formal quote/invoice with an instant credit card payment link along with offline payment instructions for wire transfer, ACH direct deposit, or checks. Or issue a PO for us to invoice against.

As soon as payment or a purchase order is received, we will activate your license and send you the following:

  • Account credentials for you and your team to download current and (if you purchased updates) future Npcap OEM releases.
  • Contacts for submitting support requests (assuming you purchased support). Support includes bug reports as well as any technical questions you might have about Npcap.
  • License certificate (EULA) noting your Npcap OEM usage rights. It is this form (filled out, of course).

Downloading and Installing Npcap OEM

Current licensees can find the Npcap OEM installer itself in this distribution directory. If you don't remember your company's username and password, please contact Be sure to download the latest version unless you specifically require an older one. Note that updating Npcap to later versions requires a maintenance (support and upgrades) subscription. If you aren't sure whether you have an active mainteance subsription, email and we will check for you.

Npcap OEM utilizes the same SDK as normal Npcap, and that is available from the Npcap public pages.

Support and Documentation for Npcap OEM

Npcap OEM shares its documentation with the public/demo version of Npcap. All of the documentation (and even the source code) is available by hyperlink from the Npcap public pages.

Licensees with an active maintenance (support and updates) have special access to report bugs or ask Npcap technical support questions. If you are a licensee and don't have the support contact information, please email and we will send it to you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Npcap OEM Questions

  1. Is maintenance (support and updates) optional?

    Maintenance is optional but highly recommended because it extends the perpetual license to include all new versions released during the maintenance period. And Npcap is under very active development. We made 13 releases in 2020, with dozens of feature enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Maintenance also includes commercial support whenever you need it. And the price never increases as long as you don't let it lapse for more than 120 days. Companies who decline maintenance have to buy a new license at then-current prices whenever they want to upgrade, which can be much more expensive than simply buying maintenance.

  2. Is the first year of maintenance included in the license fee?

    No. While we strongly recommend maintenance for the reasons given in the last question, some of our customs choose to decline even the first year of maintenance. Others choose the 5-year prepaid options for a 20% discount. Quoting the license and maintenance costs separately allows customers to make their own selections.

  3. Do you sell through resellers?

    Yes, we are happy to make the sale through your preferred reseller. We regularly work with SoftwareONE, SHI, and dozens of other resellers. Just ask your reseller to contact on your behalf with the information requested in Purchase Process.

  4. What if Npcap OEM doesn't work out for us? Do you have a trial license or a way to return it for a refund?

    Our internal license certificate (Section 5.4) includes a 3-month period from the software delivery date during which you can cease using Npcap OEM and request a full refund for any reason. Refunds include any maintenance fees already paid as well as any license fees, and they are provided within 30 days. So you don't lose a penny if you aren't happy with Npcap OEM or don't end up needing it.

    We also offer the free/demo version of Npcap for download and testing. While this lacks some convenience features of Npcap OEM (such as the silent installer), the actual driver functionality is virtually identical. This allows you to perform initial functionality testing even before purchasing a license.

  5. Is Npcap OEM free if only used with Wireshark, Nmap, etc.

    The free/demo version of Npcap includes a provision that systems which only use Npcap with Nmap, Wireshark, and/or Microsoft Defender for Identity do not count toward the normal five-install limitation. Npcap OEM licenses have much more generous install limits (starting at 100 and including an unlimited option) so all installs count. Even companies which only use Npcap OEM for Wireshark and Nmap can benefit from upgrading to Npcap OEM. It provides a silent installer for automated deployment as well as commercial support. Be sure to purchase the license size (100, 500, or unlimited installs) which factors in all of your intended usage, including Nmap, Wireshark, and MS Defender for Identity.

  6. Where is the Npcap OEM SDK?

    There is no need for a separate Npcap OEM SDK because all software compiled with the normal Npcap SDK is 100% compatible with both the free/demo Npcap and Npcap OEM. The Npcap SDK is available here. Please keep in mind that this internal-use license is not for redistribution. If you are compiling software that you will be distributing with Npcap outside of your organization, please buy the Npcap OEM redistribution license instead.