pcap_major_version — Npcap API


pcap_major_version, pcap_minor_version - get the version number of a savefile


#include <pcap/pcap.h>
int pcap_major_version(pcap_t *p);
int pcap_minor_version(pcap_t *p);


If p refers to a ``savefile'', pcap_major_version() returns the major number of the file format of the ``savefile'' and pcap_minor_version() returns the minor number of the file format of the ``savefile''. The version number is stored in the ``savefile''; note that the meaning of its values depends on the type of ``savefile'' (for example, pcap or pcapng).

If p refers to a live capture, the values returned by pcap_major_version() and pcap_minor_version() are not meaningful.

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